To our loyal customers, friends, and family:
Due to unfortunate circumstances with our landlord that are detailed here: , Burlap Sack Potato Eatery will be closing its flagship location.  We are working very hard to find a new location as quickly as possible given the publicly discussed building demolition.  We would like to thank all of our loyal customers, our hardworking and caring employees, and all of our other supporters that made this first location a reality.  While the news is sad, we are excited by the reception we received in Murray Hill and look forward to opening our newest location in New York City.  Please continue to follow us for updates, as we hope to serve you again soon!
Our last day open will be October 6, 2015 so please stop by for your last favorite fresh, made-to-order, and all-natural potato-based dish in Murray Hill!
For any questions, you can continue to reach the management team at




The founding partners of Burlap Sack Potato Eatery are childhood best friends hailing from the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.  With a never-dying passion for creating new flavors in the kitchen or mixing any conceivable leftover into one dish, the group decided it was time to embody this into a restaurant concept.  The foundation of the concept evolved when the group discovered Canada's favorite dish, poutine.  

Poutine is a hot bed of French fries topped with brown gravy and curdled cheese melted on top.  Sure it sounds and tastes delicious, but America wasn't ready.  For starters, the fries are soggy and there's no protein!  We took the dish and modified it for the American palette, sponsoring American-favorite options like Buffalo sauce or zesty Marinara sauce, adding more and healthier potato options, meat, vegetables, more cheese options, and more sauce options.  These were all obvious extensions needed to create a wholesome dish that offered appropriate servings from all major food groups.  And whether you're looking for spicy or savory, healthy or wholesome, our made-to-order and fresh dishes have something for anyone!

But we took it a step further than just being tasty...  Burlap Sack is committed to providing fresh and delicious dishes using only naturally raised ingredients.  Our poultry is all-natural, free-range, organic and anti-biotic free.  Our beef is also all-natural, anti-biotic free and naturally raised.  Our vegetables are non-GMO and always fresh and the sauces are made on-site, always fresh, original recipe, and are prepared without any preservatives or any food coloring.  We are 100% thrilled to provide an enjoyable and unique dining experience and we hope you stop by soon




Did you know that a baked potato only has 110 calories and that the most nutrients are housed in the skin of the potato?



Or that the majestic potato is completely gluten-free and makes the perfect base for a completely gluten-free Burlap Sack dish?



Or that potatoes are second only to milk as the most consumed food in America?